MacInnes Markers

New MacInnes shield

Clan MacInnes has been around for years, but without a chief the name of MacInnes has been lost and hidden. International Association of Clan MacInnes is trying to promote the name, and find prominant MacInnes sites to honor. Today Clan MacInnes does not have many markers, but we are on our way. Here are a few markers that the IACM and its members has helped to fund or promote. Two of the markers can be considered private, on local cemeteries, and three more public. More are planned for the future.

MacInnes brick at Grandfather Mountain NCMacInnes Kiel door looking out to Mull

Kiel Church MacInnes
door and plaque

17 August 1997

Kiel Church is where St. Columba founded a church. Many MacInnes has been buried there, including the chiefs. This is very close to Kinlochaline. The Clan MacInnes 2000 Tour christened the new door for the church and the plaque to the left. The plaque was gifted by Steve & Donna McKinnis.

Location: Scotland East side

Hugh MacInnes headstoneHugh headstone at ceremony

Gunner Hugh McInnes tombstone

26 June 2004

Donald MacInnes (his marker is below) worked tirelessly to get Gunner Hugh McInnes located and recognized. Hugh received the Victoria Cross, one of England's highest honours. But Hugh was forgotten, and his medal lost. Donald was able to locate his grave, and worked to get his tombstone erected. Archbishop Marco Contin, and the military held the ceremony 26 June 2004. The website has full pictures of the ceremony.

Location: Glasgow Scotland Central

Donald MacInnes Bench

Donald MacInnes Bench at Ballachulish Church

16 May 2010

One of our foremost historians was Donald MacInnes of Cumbernauld, Scotland. This bench was first commissioned for Kinlochaline, but logistics made it difficult to place it there. So it was placed at St. John's Scottish Episcopal Church.

Location: Scotland East/Center

McKinnis marker at LyonsMcKinnis marker

Private marker
Richard & Marian McKinnis

21 July 2012

Richard McKinnis, a farmer from Lyons, KS, was always keen on family history and knowledge. His family acknowledge his Scottish heritage with an obelisk with the MacInnes shield.

Location: USA Central Kansas

Cairn Park in Antigonish Nova Scotia

Antigonish NS Cairn Park

12 July 2013

Our most ambitious undertaking, a cairn in the Cairn Park in Antigonish Nova Scotia . Funds were collected from members who provided rocks and stories of their history.  The rocks were placed on two side of the cairn, with the stories placed inside.  Dedicated July 12 2013.  This is also under Legacies.

Location: Canada Nova Scotia far east

MacInnes brick at Grandfather Mountain NC

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games stone

July 2017

One largest Highland Games in the world with over 140 different clans is at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina near Banner Elk. This is where the Clan MacInnes Society started and has always had the most MacInnes attend. Near the entrance, they now have a patio with different clan stones and MacInnes has one here.

Location: USA East Coast North Carolina