Grandfather Mountain
Highland Games

North Carolina MacRae Meadow entrance stones

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games are one of the largest in the world, with over 140 clans being represent. It is much larger than anything being held in Scotland. This is where The Clan MacInnes Society was formed back in 1970. There are many cairns and other symbols on site, but MacInnes was not one of them. The Games then decided it would sell stones on a patio that was just inside the front entrance.

There was not a formal dedication for the stone, it was available for the Games.

Here is an article from our Archer Winter 2017 on the paving stone.

Entrance of Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

MacInnes stone in patio

At the left is our MacInnes stone. On the right is the Grandfather Mountain stone, the only one with color.

Grandfather Mountain stone
The patio of stones at the entrance

The stone is the upper left. The patio was a busy place, hard to get a shot without people. The entrance is just beyond our stone.