Richard and Marian McKinnis Memorial
Lyons, Kansas

Richard McKinnis was born and raised on a farm in Lyons, Kansas, middle American. Richard was always very keen on family history. He could tell you about settlers in Rice County and all about our relatives, which there are many.

Roy McKinnis, his son, started to think a memorial that would honor his father and the family would be appropriate. Almost all of this lot of 20 places is dedicated to this McKinnis family. So Roy found a place that would do the stone work and add our MacInnes shield to the marker. The marker was dedicated on July 21, 2012.

Lyons (Graceland) Municipal Cemetery
The Lyons cemetery, also known as Graceland, is north of Lyons. The McKinnis plots are in the Lyons Public Addition, one of the older parts of the cemetery
McKinnis monument
The view of the plot and Richard and Marian McKinnis stone.
Richard McKinnis stone
McKinnis monument
The monument stands in the center of the plot and is six foot tall.
Enscription on the stone
MacInnes shield
This is a special material that is made to last a lifetime.
Enscription on the stone