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MacInnes dress Clan Tartan Dalgliesh (TS6766)

Reference Scottish Registry of Tartans.

The source of tartan 6766 is teh Scottish Registry of Tartans. There are two dress tartans, one is the Dalgliesh 6766 and the other just dress (923). The Dalgliesh has more green while the other dresss is more blue oriented.

The threadcount from The Scottish Register of Tartans

Dalgliesh tartan 6766


Threadcount given over a half sett with full count at the pivots.

The threadcount is usually provided as a series of capital letters and numbers. Each capital letter represents a colour in the tartan and the number beside eachletter dictates the precise number of threads required so that the weaver can set up the loom accurately. For example

B24 W4 B24 R2 K24 G24 W2

Means 24 threads of B (blue) followed by 4 threads of W (white), 24 threads of B (blue), 2 threads of R (red), 24 threads of K (black), 24 threads of G (green), and another 2 threads of W (white).

Tartans are either symmetrical/reflective patterns or asymmetrical/repeating patterns. The threadcounts for these two types of patterns are presented slightly differently so that the weaver knows which type of pattern he is setting up on his loom.