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MacInnes Clan Tartan (TS1464)

Reference Tartans of Scotland.

Recorded by Adam in 1908. The Clan MacInnes of the West and the Clan Innes of Moray are two separate clans. The similarity in the structure of the MacInnes green tartan and the Innes red have resulted in the use of both tartans as 'dress' and 'hunting' tartans by both clans. The notes in the archives of the Scottish Tartans Society attribute the design to the 'Onich Grocer' with no further explanation. MacInneses are hereditary bowmen to the Chief of MacKinnon.

The source of tartan 1464 was: Dgn. 'Onich Grocer'

From the Clann Aonghais, Scottish Newsletter of the Clan MacInnes Society; Issue Number 1 November, 1998:

John MacInnes of Onich who was born around 1851. He was Registar for Ballachulish and Corran of Ardgour between the years 1874 and 1920. John was also a tailor and weaver and ran a general merchant stores all in the same premsies as his Registar Office. His loom and workshop were to the rear of the building. When Edward the Seventh was the Prince of Wales he called at John's "Nether Lochaber Stores" to have an outfit made. It is said that the royal patronage went to John's head to the disdain of his neighbours. The building where the first green hunting MacInnes tartan was woven still stands and skirts the main road between North Ballachulish and Fort William and is located near the Corran Ferry. - Researched by Alasdair "MacInnes"Campbell, Fort Willaim.

Another variation of the tartan known as a "colorway".
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Reference: Linda Clifford email January 6, 2001