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Clan MacInnes scholarships will be available again this year. You may apply for one of our small scholarships if you are involved in or are attending any of the following: 
  1. The study of Scottish arts, such as piping, drumming, dancing, etc.
  2. Engaged in learning Gaelic.
  3. Attending seminars about Scottish history/heritage.

     These scholarships may partially or completely cover expenses related to classes, lessons, tuition, and/or registration fees, but do not apply to living or travel expenses to attend such classes nor to private tutors. 

     Consideration for the scholarships is not based on age, gender,religion, heritage or affiliation with the International Association of Clan MacInnes. There is a separate scholarship for Clan MacInnes members and may be applied for . If you are interested in applying, please send your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address along with detailed information about the field of study, instructors, schools and any fees involved (please break down fees) and other financial need  (if applicable). Also include contact information for the school, workshop, camp you will be attending. Include your justification for this award and reasons you feel you are deserving of it and what you hope to accomplish written by the applicant please. Applicants will be notified by mail whether or not they will be awarded a scholarship and checks will be sent directly to the place of study.

Applications are now open for this year 2024. 

Applications will be accepted starting mid-December 2024 and must be received by MARCH 1ST 2024.

Please submit applications online on the Clan MacInnes scholarshipapp, or in letter format, to:

Scholarship Committee
Reverend Jason McInnis
128 Norwood
Shreveport, LA 71105
TEL: (318) 798-9424

Winners will be announced at the Annual General Meeting. Winners will be notified by mail along with their checks.

More information about the International Association of Clan MacInnes can be found at this web page: