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Update for scholarshps for 2021.

Most games are still be canceled, probably until later in 2021. The Internation Association of Clan MacInnes (IACM) is still waiting to see what is happening in the Scottish community before deciding what to do. We will probably be taking applications by the end of the year 2021 for 2022. We will be updating our Newsletter for new information.

If you do have questions you may contact our Scholarship Chairperson via email: .

More information about the International Association of Clan MacInnes can be found at this web page:

The Internation Association of Clan MacInnes normally gives out two scholarships a year, with entries due on March 1 of the year.

 1) The Mary Faulk Scholarship is given to those who are descendants of MacInnes.
 2) A general scholarship given to those students who are studying something in the Scottish area: dancing, Gaelic, piping, or some other activity.

Scholarships are usually in the $500 to $1000 area and determined by a board assigned by the President. Preference is given to members of Clan MacInnes.

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