Clan MacInnes Bagpipe Music

These pieces of music are for the enjoyment of our Association. They are copyrighted by the original owners and should not be recorded or played in public with the express written consent of the originators or the International Assoication of Clan MacInnes.

Thanks to Torquil MacInnes, Mike McInnes and Andi MacInnes for their information.
Copyright 2008 International Association of Clan MacInnes, for the orginators.

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Andi MacInnes of the Black Watch ACF Pipes and Drums composed the pipe tune ‘The Clan MacInnes’ printed in the Issue 19 Winter 2003 of the Scottish Newsletter.  You can listen to the song here in mpg 3, and he also has a format called bagpipe writer (bww).
The Clan MacInnes

Most folk had knowledge of ‘Doctor MacInnes’ Fancy by Donald MacLeod of Lewis for his friend Dr John MacInnes of Glenelg who was a psychiatrist.  Torquil tells that the former Tannahill Weaver, Iain MacInnes, who often presents the Scottish BBC programme ‘Pipeline’ on Sunday evenings, has recorded this tune.   Torquil relates that Iain MacInnes’ solo album featuring Dr MacInnes’s Fancy is ‘Tryst’ CDTRAX 182. 

The sleeve on Ian’s album gives this story: “ Dr John MacInnes was once visited at a Bristol hospital by Willie Ross, then head of the Army School of Piping and was surprised to find a number of John’s patients pursuing each other around the hospital grounds, wielding wooden stumps.  “Ach, don’t worry about them at all, Willie,” said John, seemingly unconcerned, “It’s their national sport.  They call it cricket.”

Dr MacInnes' Fancy




The CD Tryst can be found here

Torquil told of a song of  ‘Tryst’ (‘Tryst’ CDTRAX 182) who have a tune named ‘Jamie MacInnes of Cape Breton written by Michael Grey of Toronto and Mike informs me the tunes ‘Duncan McInnes, a 2/4 march, and Neil MacInnes a ¾ march appears in his bagpipe reader. 
A new tune was “Dr Iain MacAonghais” recorded by the Battlefield Band on “Happy Daze” COMD 2085 and dedicated to our own Dr John MacInnes.   John is, of course, the well-respected Gaelic scholar, folklorist and one of Scotland’s foremost authorities on the oral tradition.   John is a regular Gaelic television broadcaster who naturally appears under the name; “Iain MacAonghais.”
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This music was written by Paul Kirk who has a hobby of writing fiddle music. One of his friends, a MacInnes, directed Paul to our web site where he picked up the information and wrote MacAonghasi a-rithist. A midi recording was also sent along. Paul Kirk
MacAonghais a-rithist

Clan MacInnes gif


Dr. MacInnes fancy

Duncan MacInnes


Neil MacInnes

macaonghais arithist jpg