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The Commission maintains a listing of those interred at the American military cemeteries overseas and those Missing in Action from World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam.   In addition it has a listing of war veterans buried at our Corozal American Cemetery and those who lost their lives during the Korean War.


World War II Honor Roll


Of the 405,399 Americans that lost their lives during World War II, there were 78,976 Missing in Action. Of the remainder the next of kin of 93,242 elected to have their loved ones buried at our cemeteries. Below is a listing by cemetery showing the number buried and the number that were declared Missing in Action in the vicinity of the cemetery. The new listing of the World War II database, now on the web contains the 172,218 names of those buried at our cemeteries, those Missing in Action and those buried or lost at sea. It does not contain the names of the 233,181 Americans returned to the United States for burial.


CEMETERY/MEMORIAL                         BURIALS    MISSING

Ardennes American Cemetery                              5,328              462        

Brittany American Cemetery                               4,410               498        

Cambridge American Cemetery                           3,812             5,126       

East Coast Memorial                                                                  4,609       

Epinal American Cemetery                                  5,255               424        

Florence American Cemetery                               4,402             1,409       

Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery                    7,989               450        

Honolulu Memorial                                                                 18,096       

Lorraine American Cemetery                             10,489               444        

Luxembourg American Cemetery                        5,076               371        

Manila American Cemetery                               17,206           36,282       

Netherlands American Cemetery                         8,302             1,723       

Normandy American Cemetery                           9,387             1,557       

North Africa American Cemetery                        2,841            3,724        

Rhone American Cemetery                                    861                294        

Sicily-Rome American Cemetery                        7,861             3,095       

Suresnes American Cemetery                                  24                              

West Coast Memorial                                                                   412        

TOTALS                                                           93,243           78,976       



Name                                          Rank        Serial No.            Date of Death       Cemetery                 

McAninch Virlan A                  S1C           8601452               4-May-45               Honolulu                  

McCants Harold E                   1LT           O-727357             22-Aug-43             Sicily-Rome              

McCants Herbert W                PFC           38012077             24-Jun-45               Manila                      

McCosh Bertran L                   PFC           470192                 19-Feb-45              Honolulu                  

McGinnis Arthur J                   S1C           8235430               24-Oct-44               Manila                      

McGinnis Clarence H              SGT          12034747             2-Nov-43               Manila                      

McGinnis Clarence H Jr          1LT           0-432709              8-Apr-43                West Coast               

McGinnis Dale B                      TEC4         35054923             13-Aug-44             Cambridge                

McGinnis Daniel P                   PVT          36437829             9-Jun-44                 Normandy                

McGinnis Donald C                 SSGT        16039337             16-Feb-43              Cambridge                

McGinnis Earl C                      SSGT        18051057             22-Apr-44              Cambridge                

McGinnis Everett M                S2C           6625793               14-Nov-43             Manila                      

McGinnis Harvey A Jr            F1C           6295602               3-Dec-44                Manila                      

McGinnis Jackson D                SC3C        2624493               20-Feb-43              Manila                      

McGinnis James C                   SSGT        33392202             26-Jul-44                Normandy                

McGinnis James P                    TEC5         20638919             11-Sep-44              Manila                      

McGinnis John W                    PVT          37131461             5-Jul-44                  Sicily-Rome              

McGinnis Joseph A                  1LT           O1013523            17-Aug-44             Brittany                     

McGinnis Joseph A                  PFC           32057982             7-Sep-42                Manila                      

McGinnis Joseph E                  SSGT        34707219             30-Sep-44              Florence                    

McGinnis Joseph F                   2LT           0-700950              7-Mar-46                Manila                      

McGinnis Lofton F                   SSGT        38062108             31-Mar-43              North Africa             

McGinnis Martin S                  CAPT        O-453056             13-Jan-45               Lorraine                    

McGinnis Neal David               CPL           818290                 22-Jan-46               Manila                      

McGinnis Neal T                      FLT O       T-127273             10-Jul-45                Honolulu                  

McGinnis Noah E Jr                PHM3C    5605246               4-May-45               Honolulu                  

McGinnis Orville L                  S1C           9284323               24-Oct-44               Manila                      

McGinnis Paul B Jr                  2LT           O-555569             2-Mar-45                Luxembourg             

McGinnis Robert R                  SC1C        6640598               7-Jan-45                 Manila                      

McGinnis Webb W                   S1C           6353599               11-Feb-45              Manila                      

McGinnis William A                TSGT        20721485             15-Jul-44                Normandy                

McGinnis William R                SSGT        17069554             9-Aug-44               Netherlands              

McGonis Albert J                     PFC           31178356             9-Jul-44                  Florence                    

McInnes Hugh                          MS            Z-390595             26-Feb-44              Cambridge                

McInnes Jack L                        PVT          39472157             25-Dec-44              Luxembourg             

McInnes Thomas L                  CIV                                       7-Oct-43                 Honolulu                  

McInnis Daniel H                     SSGT        31124202             13-Jun-43               Ardennes                  

McInnis Frederick C                PVT          31453345             24-Oct-44               Henri-Chapelle         

McInnis Harold R                    1LT           O-741667             30-Mar-45              Ardennes                  

McInnis Hugh L                       2LT           O-555568             16-Apr-45              Netherlands              

McInnis James E Jr                 PVT          34972482             25-Dec-44              Normandy                

McInnis John D                        S2C           8037008               10-Jun-45               Normandy                

McInnis Roy L                          PVT          14026162             18-Jul-42                Manila                      

McInnis Warren G                   PFC           14005906             12-Feb-45              Luxembourg             

McKinnis Earl H                      CPL           6935998               17-May-42             Manila                      

McMaster Albert A                  PVT          39259379             6-May-45               Manila                      

McMaster Arnold R                 PVT          37315937             13-Jul-43                Manila                      

McMaster Edwin C                  ARM3C    8513702               27-Nov-44             Honolulu                  

McMaster John Henry             PFC           530163                 12-May-45             Honolulu                  

McMaster Ralph W                 2LT           0-824528              29-Mar-45              Honolulu                  

McMasters John C                   SGT          34895396             2-Feb-45                Henri-Chapelle         

McMasters John W                  SSGT        35098693             2-Jul-44                  Lorraine                    

McMasters Robert E                2LT           O-749484             13-Apr-44              Lorraine                    

McMinis Willie M                    PVT          33662913             19-Mar-45              Lorraine                    

McNash Capel W                     LT             0-150487              30-Dec-44              Manila                      

McNeese Ernest L                    SSGT        36700948             25-Feb-44              Florence                    

McNeese William R                  1LT           0-428246              15-Nov-42             Manila                      

McNeish Cecil C                       2LT           O2070085            15-Mar-45              Henri-Chapelle         

McNeish Francis E                   CPL           33567943             11-Sep-44              Henri-Chapelle         

McNiece John C Iii                   LT/JG/       0-278041              25-Feb-45              Honolulu                  

McNinch Jesse E                       ENS          0-320520              16-Sep-44              Manila                      

McNinch Lester L                    PVT          36766730             3-Oct-44                 Henri-Chapelle         

MacAinsh Max Junior             PFC           531656                 21-Mar-44              Manila                      

MacInnis Warren B                 TEC4         31226567             9-Sep-44                Manila                      

MacNish Thomas H                 S1C           7111003               11-May-45             Honolulu                  

Angus Albert A Jr                    SSGT        6145912               1-Mar-43                Manila                      

Angus Daniel                             PFC           15324509             16-Jul-44                Normandy                

Angus Hayward                        PFC           44000029             8-Oct-45                 Honolulu                  

Angus Samuel K                       PVT          32093214             28-Jul-44                Florence                    

Angus Sidney                            2LT           0-890309              24-Oct-44               Manila                      

Neish Calvin Glenn                  PFC           424684                 28-Feb-45              Honolulu                  

Hance Joseph G                        PFC           37363550             4-Mar-45                Florence                    

Hance Loren H                         CIV                                       25-Apr-43              Honolulu                  

Kinnes Kenneth S                     2LT           O-734470             16-Jul-43                North Africa             




World War I Honor Roll


Of the 136,516 Americans that lost their lives during World War I, there were 4,452 Missing in Action. Of the remainder, the next of kin of 30,921 elected to have their loved ones buried at our cemeteries.  Below is a listing by cemetery showing the number buried and the number that were declared Missing in Action in the vicinity of the cemetery.  The new listing of the World War I database, now on the web contains the 33,714 names of those buried at our cemeteries, those Missing in Action and those buried or lost at sea.  It does not contain the names of the 101,143 Americans returned to the United States for burial.


CEMETERY                                                 BURIALS    MISSING

Aisne-Marne American Cemetery                          2,289            1,060     

Brookwood American Cemetery                             468                563       

Flanders Field American Cemetery                      368                  43          

Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery                 14,246               954        

Oise-Aisne American Cemetery                           6,012               241        

Somme American Cemetery                                1,844               333        

St. Mihiel American Cemetery                             4,153               284        

Suresnes American Cemetery                              1,541               974        

TOTALS                                                           30,921             4,452       



Name                                          Rank        State                    Date of Death       Cemetery

McAninch Howard                   PVT 1CL  Iowa                     28-Sep-18              Meuse-Argonne       

McGinnis Charles S.                PVT          New York            13-Jun-18               Aisne-Marne            

McGinnis Fred C.                     PVT 1CL  Connecticut          1-Dec-18                Meuse-Argonne       

McGinnis George F.                 PVT          Georgia                22-Jul-18                Oise-Aisne               

McGinnis John                         CK             Minnisota             6-Feb-18                Meuse-Argonne       

McInnis Daniel K.                    PVT          Mississippi           15-Oct-18               Suresnes                   

McInnis Michael J.                   PVT          New York            18-Jul-18                Oise-Aisne               

McInnis Virgal L.                     PVT 1CL  Mississippi           18-Jul-18                Oise-Aisne               

McMaster Charles K.              SGT          Wisconsen            26-Oct-18               Meuse-Argonne       

McMaster William G.              PVT          Idaho                    27-Sep-18              Meuse-Argonne       

McMinnis David                       PVT          New York            5-Jan-19                 Oise-Aisne               

McNiesh Welcome H.               1LT           Michigan              10-Oct-18               Meuse-Argonne       

McNish Edward                        PVT          New Jersey          9-Oct-18                 Oise-Aisne               

McNish Ernest Alfre                2 LT          Missouri               29-Sep-18              Meuse-Argonne       

McNish Henry                          PVT          Florida                  7-Oct-18                 Oise-Aisne               

MacInnes Hugh A.                   PVT          Michigan              31-Jul-18                Oise-Aisne               

MacInnes John                         PVT 1CL  Pennsylvania        5-Oct-18                 Meuse-Argonne       

MacInnis Robert                      PVT          New Hampshire   24-Sep-18              St. Mihiel                  

MacNish George G.                  2 LT          Wisconsin            2-Jul-18                  Suresnes                   

Ness Alvin                                  PVT          South Dakota       24-Oct-18               Meuse-Argonne       

Ness Harry A.                           BGLR       New York            23-Oct-18               Meuse-Argonne       







Korean War Honor Roll


The Department of Defense reports that 54,246 Americans service men and women lost their lives during the Korean War.   This includes all losses world wide.  Since the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC honors all U.S. Military who lost their lives during the War, it has tried to obtain the names of those who died in other areas besides Korea during the period June 27, 1950 to July 27, 1954, one year after the Korean Armistice.  At the memorial is a Honor Roll database where all 54,246 should be listed.  Unfortunately, a fire at the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri destroyed many of the records of service personnel and a complete listing is not available.  To date, the database includes the names of 37,333 service men and women who died during that period.  The Korean Honor Roll database, including photographs, is now on the web.


As there has been no peace treaty, those Americans who lost their lives in the Demilitarized Zone of Korea, since the Armistice have been included.  The 8,196 Americans who were Missing in Action or lost or buried at sea and commemorated at the Honolulu Memorial are included in the database at the Korean War Veterans Memorial.  An Honor Roll certificate for each of the American Dead included in the database is available to the public. If you are not able to visit the Memorial, you may obtain a certificate of an individual by providing his or her name to:


Colonel Anthony Corea

Director of Operations and Finance

American Battle Monuments Commission

Courthouse Plaza II, Suite 500

2300 Clarendon Boulevard

Arlington, VA 22201

Telephone (703) 696-6897


Name                                          Rank                         Service                     Date of Birth   Date of Death

Mc Ginnis, Charles R.              Private First Class     U.S. Army                1933                 3-Feb-51           

Mc Ginnis, Donald                   Corporal                    U.S. Army                1931                 27-Nov-50        

Mc Ginnis, John Crysostom    Captain                      U.S. Air Force          5-May-25         22-Dec-52         

Mc Ginnis, Leonard S.             Private                       U.S. Army                Unknown         20-Aug-52        

Mc Ginnis, Thomas Leslie        Corporal                    U.S. Marine Corps   20-Jun-28         1-Dec-50           

Mc Ginnis, William Albert      Private First Class     U.S. Marine Corps   15-Sep-30         29-Jul-52          

Mc Innis, Delton                       Private First Class     U.S. Marine Corps   7-Nov-32          19-Jul-53          

Mc Innis, John Roland             Master Sergeant         U.S. Army                1919                 11-Jul-50          

Mc Innis, Norman                    Private                       U.S. Army                1922                 14-Nov-50        

Mc Innis, Thomas A.                Sergeant First Class  U.S. Army                1927                 11-Sep-50         

Mc Masters, Eugene                 Corporal                    U.S. Army                Unknown         11-Dec-52         

Mc Masters, Joseph W.            Sergeant                     U.S. Army                1930                 30-Jun-51         

Mc Nees, Richard A.                Major                         U.S. Air Force          28-Sep-19         18-Jul-50          

Angus, Ernest M.                      Private First Class     U.S. Army                1925                 3-Jan-51            

Angus, James R.                       Corporal                    U.S. Army                1932                 8-Sep-50           

Ness, Dunnick N.                       Private First Class     U.S. Army                1930                 26-May-51        

Ness, Gordon P.                         Sergeant First Class  U.S. Army                1930                 19-Sep-52         

Ness, John H.                             Private First Class     U.S. Army                1930                 12-Sep-51         

Ness, Ralph Dean                      Second Lieutenant     U.S. Air Force          19-Jan-30         15-Nov-52        

Ness, William Harold Jr.          Captain                      U.S. Marine Corps   18-Oct-22         3-Apr-52           

Hance, Billie                               Master Sergeant         U.S. Army                1928                 28-Jun-52         

Hance, Norman W.                   Corporal                    U.S. Army                1930                 26-Aug-50        

Hance, Rome H.                        Private First Class     U.S. Army                1931                 18-Aug-50