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Cindi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Web
Montgomery County Geneaology


Mairi MacInnes jpg This Feeling Inside
Mairi MacInnes jpg Orosay
Mairi MacInnes jpg Causeway
Mairi MacInnes jpg Gràs

Mairi MacInnes records can be found at

Jennifer Roland jpg Jennifer Roland
of Alder Point,
Cape Breton, Canada
Jennifer Roland on Facebook
Morvern jpg
A book edited by Iain Thornber
More details here

Eilean Mara Eilean Mara
Maggie MacInnes Spiorad Beatha
Ian MacInnes Tryst

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Scots Connection
J. Higgins, Ltd.
Linda Clifford
UK Map Centre
The  Edinburgh Woolen Mill
MacKenzie Frain
Celtic Studio
Celtic Studio
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