The original Kinlochaline

Pictures about 1998, before restoration started. The walls are about 10 feet thick. So much water is stored in the walls that it will take centuries for the inside to dry out. The winter of the restoration they received 100 inches of rain.

Castle corner
Looking from the south to the single entrance.
Castle corner closeup
A closer view showing the huge boulders.
Castle to the south
From the south, not much terrain around the castle.
The entrance. Above the door is the fish (not noticeable) and horseshoe on the rail.
From the road
Looking up to the castle from the road along Loch Aline.
Steep steps
The steps were steep!
Long shot
A long shot to the castle and short river.

Bridge over the short river
Bridge over the short river.

Gear Abhain, or short river
The short river, or Gear Abhain, to Loch Aline, under the bridge.
End of the river
Out to Loch Aline, the Gear Abhain ending.
From the river
Gear Abhain, looking up to the castle. The ground is very steep from the castle down to the river.
Gear Abhain inward
Gear Abhain inland, away from the Loch.
The water is very brown from the peat.
The fireplace
Looking inside to the fireplace. We could not see Dubh Chal although the fireplace is visible.
The dungeon
Just inside to the right, where the small dungeon is located.
Ceiling above the fireplace
The ordinal ceiling above the fireplace.
The dungeon
The dungeon discovered just inside the front door. There was room for one or two people in this small space.
Horatio McCulloch painting
Horatio McCulloch RSA (Royal Scottish Acadamy) 1805-1867
Kinlochaline Castle Morven
Painted circa 1855
Purchased circa 1950, located in the Pollok House, Glasgow
Kinlochaline close up
Close up of painting showing the breach in the castle that had started to form.

Leitch print
The Leitch print of the castle.

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