Above the mists she stands alone,
seat of clan, kith and kin,
skirling pipes, they call me home,
to Castle Kinlochaline,

her scarred gray stones they tell the past,
a story of tartans and wars,
of death's long shadow cast,
to settle ancient scores,

abandoned, she wept for centuries,
upon the castle rock,
she thought she was forgotten,
but, now she knows she's not,

for kind hands, warm hearts, a gentle touch,
have brought her back to life,
she'll be home and hearth to be loved much,
after centuries of strife,

once more across the lochs and glens,
the old keep beckons thee,
to the Highlands, Clan Maclnnes,
to touch your destiny.

William McGinnis

You can listen to the Awakening song here in mpg 3