Returning from Iona from a journey, St. Columba stopped here, climbed the Garbh Shlios, and from the brow of Glais Bheinn above Loch Aline, pointed down to the raised green level. St. Columba said, "In that spot I wish a church to be built". St. Columba's mother is reported to be buried here, as are a number of MacInnes', including some Chieftains and Dubh-Chal, the Butter Castle Lady. The small building to the right of Kiel Church holds medieval grave slabs, some of which may be MacInnes Chieftains. It is difficult to tell, as the ancient gravestones did not contain writing. Kiel Church is in the Parish of Morvern, Estate Farm of Kiel, on the West side of Scotland.

Keil Church
Kiel Church, Celtic Cross and session-house to the right in this picture.
Kiel Church left
MacInnes cemetary
Kiel Church, looking west to the Sound of Mull. The small building on the left holds medieval grave slabs, one seems to represent Kinlochaline Castle
MacInnes plots next to Old Kiel Church built by John, first Lord of the Isles. The position of the plots may suggest the Clan's prominence.
Kiel Church right
Kiel Church sign
Kiel Church from the other side.
The sign welcoming parishioners.
There are about 50 members.
Outside Kiel Churc
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Kiel Church Celtic cross
Kiel Church bell
Some stones and celtic cross by the old church
Cross on the church.
The bell tower.
View of Mull
MacInnes door
Reverend Ann
In the church, looking west to the Sound of Mull and Celtic Cross
Clan MacInnes door and plaque donated by the Clan
The Reverend Ann Winning and deacon.
The Graveyard looking down to the loch.
MacInnes Plaque

MacInnes Plaque --

This door was erected to the Glory of God by gift of the people of the Clan MacInnes and the Clan MacInnes Society, Int.

Jesus said: I am the door, if any one enters by me, he will be saved and will go in and out and find pasture. John 10:9.

Gift by Steve and Donna McKinnis, in memory of their father Richard, and "all fathers before him".

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The Isle of Iona is a small but beautiful island with a long and sacred background. St Columba came here to built the church and ministry. It is thought that the Book of Kells now in Ireland was written here in part and transported back to Ireland. Many of the early Kings of Scotland, Norweighan and many early MacInnes including Angus are buried here. The island is known for its long history of MacInnes. A MacInnes was said to accompany St. Columba on the trip here.

The Abby at Iona
The Abby at Iona
Kings burial grounds
The burial grounds for the Kings of Scotland, and other dignitaries.
This is looking back to the Isle of Mull
Abby celtic cross
One the Celtic crosses outside the Abby
Inside the abby
Inside the Abby
The nunnery
A nunnery about a mile from the Abby