Order of the Golden Bow

Golden Bow Awardees.
The Order of the Golden Bow—the Clan’s equivalent of an Oscar—for outstanding service and enduring commitment to Clan MacInnes. The awardees have at least four years of service, present or past. The award is limited to two persons annually and may not be given some years.

Also listed below are the President's awards for outstanding achievement in that year.

Awardees of the Golden Bow

Mary A. Faulk
2007 Mary Faulk
Donald MacInnes
2007 Donald MacInnes
Malcolm and Jackie McInnis
2008 Malcolm and Jackie McInnis
Colin McInnes
2009 Colin McInnes
John McInnis
2009 John McInnis
Norm MacInnis
2010 Norman MacInnis
Steve and Donna McKinnis
2011 Steve and Donna Copen McKinnis
Eric McGinnis Perry
2012 Eric McGinnis Perry
Martha Long
2013 Martha Long
Roy and Dee McKinnis
2015 Roy and Dee McKinnis
Bill McInnis
2018 William (Bill) McInnis
Col. Neill McInnis retired
2019 Col. I. Neill McInnis, Jr., Retired
Wade McInnis
2021 Wade McInnis
Ken McInnis
2022 Ken McInnis

President's Awards

For outstanding service in a year.

2008 John McInnis
2009 Steve McKinnis
2009 Donna McKinnis
2009 Kathy McInnis
2009 Martha Long
2009 Tiffany Holmes
2009 Eric McGinnis Perry
2011 Dee McKinnis
2012 Tiffany Holmes
2013 Bonnie MacInnis