Clan MacInnes Society Founders

Clan MacInnes Society founding members.

From left to right: Louie Doughtie, Alice McInnis Doughtie, Mary A. Faulk, Mattie McInnis Faulk, Cynthia McInnis, William S. McInnis, Gillis Doughtie. The formation of Clan MacInnes Society was discussed in 1969, and the first annual meeting was held at Grandfather Mountain July 1970.

These were the founding members of the Clan MacInnes Society, now incorporated as the International Association of Clan MacInnes.   Mary Faulk and William McInnis, now deceased, were the Secretary/Treasurer and President of the Clan MacInnes Society until July, 2002, when the Society incorporated.  The other 5 members, deceased, remain in our thoughts as their dedication and work are still much felt and appreciated.

Past Presidents

July 1970  -  July 1974         Rev. William Sidney McInnis
July 1974  -  July 1976         F. Gillis Doughtie
July 1976  -  July 1978         Duncan C. Morrow, Sr.
July 1978  -  July 1980         Col. I. Neill McInnis, Jr.
July 1980  -  July 1982         Malcolm C. McInnis, Jr.
July 1982  -   July 1984        Dr. Thomas Benefield
July 1984  -   July 1986        William Edward McInnis
July 1986  -   July 1988        Malcolm C. McInnis, Jr.
July 1988  -   July 1990        Hugh MacInnes Gray
July 1990  -   July 2002        Rev. William Sidney McInnis
July 2002  -   July 2010        Norman MacInnis
July 2010  -   July 2018        John Robert McInnis
July 2018  -                           Kenneth McInnis