The International Association of Clan MacInnes


Clan MacInnes YDNA Database Project

During phase ll we will build our initial database around the male Y- DNA chromosome test. By limiting our tests in this phase to male Y-DNA we will be able to build our database more quickly and at a lower cost to participants. Phase lll will include the female mtDNA analysis.

In the vast majority of cases a father passes an exact copy of his Y-chromosome to his son.  The test, known as the Paternal DNA Sequence, is used to find information regarding a direct male line. A direct male line is son to father, to grandfather to great grandfather and so on following the male line. 

The test that we are recommending provides a 37 number genetic fingerprint. By comparing this print with others of the same or similar surname it can be determined if they share a common ancestor and in many cases indicate how long ago this common ancestor lived.


YDNA testing can:


  • Determine if two people are related
  • Document your pedigree
  • Discover if others with the same surname and different spellings (i.e. MacInnis or MacInnes) are related
  • Determine if two people are descended from a common ancestor
  • Confirm your family tree
  • Find others to whom you are related (outside Clan MacInnes)
  • Determine a possible geographical point of origin ( Jura, Morvern, Skye, Antrim)
  • Compare time-lines
  • Discover if other surnames are variants of MacInnes (i.e. MacMasters MacNish)
  • Determine relationships between various immigrant groups (North Carolina, Nova Scotia, Australia)
  • Shed light on long standing historical debate, for instance was Somerled a progenitor of Clan Donald and an important figure in the history of the Western Highlands of Scotland a MacInnes through his father’s line.

DNA testing is the most powerful tool to ever become available to genealogists.  For those who are new to DNA testing for family history, it can seem overwhelming and technical.  Genetic Genealogy is not any more complicated than learning about the various records available that may contain information about your ancestors. 


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Here are the simple steps to get started today:

  1. Go to the Clan MacInnes Family Tree DNA Database website at:
  2. Enter your order for a Y-12 marker test at $89.00, Y-37 marker test at $169.00, Y-67 marker at $268, and Y-111 marker at $359. We are recommending the 37 marker for a more definitive match.
  3. When your kit arrives follow the simple instructions (A simple swab on the inside of your mouth). Return the samples in the supplied bottles and safety envelope.
  4. Within two weeks test results will be returned to the Group Administrator (Norman MacInnis) as they are received by Family Tree DNA. You will also receive a certificate and report containing your personal test results. The staff of FTDNA will help you interpret the meaning of your test results.
  5. Your test results will be maintained in the Clan MacInnes DNA Project Database and you will be notified on any relevant matches by the administrator.

As a result of the turbulent history of Scotland and the terrible Highland Clearances Clan MacInnes has traveled to the four corners of the Earth. Our DNA Project can literally connect the dots over thousands of miles and many hundreds of years. When you have registered your DNA results with the Clan MacInnes DNA database you will become part of the on going story, you will be a pioneer for our own age.

Thank you for your interest in this project and I look forward to your participation. If you have any questions please get back to me and I will try to help.

In kinship,

Norm ,

Norman MacInnis

High Commissioner  

P.S…….FTDNA is able to offer the 37 Marker kit to Clan MacInnes Members at the low price of $169.00 each, compared to $245.00 and $315.00 for the other two leading programs. Credit cards are accepted and test kits can be shipped all over the world. Order your kit today and get started.                           

                                                      2131 Bay Road, Sharon, MA 02067