Crest Info from The Heraldry Society

Almost all of this information comes from The Heraldry Society pdf document called "Herladry Beasts, Banners and Badges for Beginners". This contains a very extensive pdf all about the various aspects of the coat of arms.

Basic crest info.jpg

This shows the basic areas of the shield. The description will detail what is in these areas. The Clan MacInnes shield has a sinister arm holding the bow, that is, it is a left hand.


Basic crest description

This shows a coat of arms next to the description of the areas. Below it is the official description of the arms. The next image describes what the colors are.


Basic crest info.jpg

This shows the names for the colors and other objects. Argent is silver and Or is gold.


Basic crest parts.jpg

This shows the names forother parts found around the shield.  The Clan MacInnes arms has mantling but no supporters.


The Clan Buchanan web site is an excellent website full of information. This is a link to a Glossary of Heraldic Terms they have captured. Clan Buchanan has also used much of the Heraldry Society web in their pages.

There are many other aspects of a coat of arms that can be added, like animals, sheilds, etc. It also covers differencing that Ken had to used for his children. This document is 20 pages long in color.

All images Copyright The Heraldry Society.