Other MacInnes Coat of arms

Anyone who has traceable Scottish roots can apply for a coat of arms. These are given to a family who can then pass them down to children of the family. Usually the child will make a slight modification and matriculate their own arms. This is true of the commonly used coat of arms called the Malagawatch arms in which William John MacInnes made a slight change from his father Murdock. The International Association of Clan MacInnes has matriculated arms that are considered a form of corporate arms, as we have no chief.

To apply you need to 1) Live in Scotland 2) Own a house in Scotland 3) Own land in Scotland, or have an ancestor you can trace in Scotland.

Here is the location for information to the Lord Lyon to petition for a Coat of Arms. The procedure is not cheap, for a shield, crest and motto is costs 2625 pounds or about $3000 U.S.. And it can take several years to complete.

Each item on the shield has a specific meaning in heraldry or your family history.  The description behind the IACM shield is on the Symbols page.

Any member who has been granted arms is allowed to have one eagle feather in their bonnet, as to denote the head of the family. The Chief of a clan has three feathers, and Clan Chieftains are allowed two feathers (more information here).

Also is an example from former Secretary of State Colin Powell who also had arms. His mother was Scottish. His father was Jamaican so Colin Powell does not seem a usual person to obtain arms.

General Colin Luther Powell former Secretary of State for the United States of America

(His mother was Scottish)


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