MacInnes of Malagawatch Coat of Arms


"The family of Murdock MacInnes of Skye who sailed to Nova Scotia on the Hector in 1820 and set up a farm at Malagawatch in Canada dropped the three ram's heads and the boar's head. They substituted the boar holding the bow and arrow with an arm clad in MacInnes tartan (Onich) holding a bow. The Lord Lyon has no jurisdiction on clan tartans unless a tartan appears on a Coat of Arms. Hence the reason why the green hunting MacInnes tartan (Onich) is often referred to as the only "proper" MacInnes tartan. It is the Crest of the Murdock MacInnes family Coat of Arms - "the arm holding a bow" which has been adopted - without good cause - by the Council of Chiefs for the MacInnes clansman's badges and souvenirs. Previously the insignia was the "Thistle and the Bee" and the "Boar's Head". "

The motto is Irid ghibht Dhe agus an Righ, Through the grace of God and the King. 

Both his sons William John and Albert Garland matriculated arms with slight differences of Murdock's. What is shown here is William John.


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  MacAngus, Ross. Original artwork.