Susan McInnis Biography

SECRETARY: Susan McInnis

My husband, Neill, and I joined Clan MacInnes in 1972 or 1973. He passed away in March 2020 but left his 4 children and me with a deep love for all things Scottish, especially the Clan, now named the International Association of Clan MacInnes. 

During the teanage years of the kids, (Neill III, David, Maria Acton, and Scott) we missed a few gatherings at Grandfather Mountain. But we resumed active participation when the AGM was held in Tulsa, OK and have been to meetings and games in Stone Mountan, Antigonish. (followed by a clan trip around Nova Scotia), New Brunswick, Alexandria, and the 2009 Scottish games in Edinburgh, clan-sponsored trip, and of course, our favorite GMHG every summer. 

I live in Hampton, VA and have been retired since 2009, after having worked as a nurse for many years. Our most favorite family time in the summer is in July when we gather at Grandfather. Most of the children and grandchildren make it and again it is one of the highlights of our summer. 

Our clan has provided me with so many happy memories that it seems way past time for me to offer to do my part in our clan, which is why I’m happy to offer to serve as secretary.