Steve and Donna McKinnis Biography

MacInnes Archer newsletter editors:

Donna McKinnis
Donna joined the Clan in 1996 with husband Steve, and within a few years began to write for the newsletter.  She and Steve have served as Arizona conveners since 1999, manning a MacInnes tent at the annual Tucson and Phoenix Games.  Donna joined the Board as the first Director of Arts & Letters and created the Clan Archive.  This is her third term as Vice President-Cultural.  Her primary duties are chairing the annual Clan Honors Awards, public relations for Clan MacInnes nationally and internationally, and collaborating with the directors of Genealogy, History, Chaplain and other cultural positions.  She also chairs the Newsletter Advisory Team.

From age ten, Donna wanted to work as a hotshot journalist traveling the world. The childhood dream pretty much came true. Donna, a journalism graduate of Ohio State University in 1968, has worked in newspapers, radio, television, magazines and public relations. She has published one book,  “THOUGHTS FROM JAPAN: life lessons from Tokyo’s fast lane and other Asian places”, a travel memoir with color photos.

In 1972 Donna took a year off to travel Europe–a life-changing experience that led her to combine journalism with art and culture.  In 1975 she opened a gallery in Columbus, OH and started a parallel career in arts administration. Her arts positions and consulting have included the National Endowment for the Arts press office, Columbus, Ohio’s City Cultural Coordinator, Spoleto Festival USA, Marlboro Music Festival, 1984 Los Angeles Olympics Arts Festival, Hands Across America, and a Traveling Japanese Print Show for Australia and New Zealand.

Donna has traveled 46 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico, most of Europe and Asia, and lived in 12 states, England and Japan. When she isn't writing, traveling or restoring their Tucson adobe hacienda, her favorite pastimes are cinema, opera, reading and native cultures.

Steve McKinnis
Steve has retired from the Semiconductor Industry after 43 years. His last job was in Tucson for Texas Instruments.

He has a BSEE from Kansas State University and an MSEE from the University of Minnesota. He is registered as a Professional Engineer. He has worked for Motorola both in the States and in Tokyo.

Having grown up thinking he was Irish (his Mother’s side is half Irish), Steve joined Clan MacInnes in 1996 after discovering his Scottish roots.

Steve enjoys computers and the web – when they work! He has developed local web sites for the design communities he supported. He has a home network of PCs and Macs. He also enjoys handyman work on their 1974 house in Tucson and in gardening.

Steve is Webmaster for Clan MacInnes and created the Clan’s web site. He says he is learning about the history of Scotland and the Clan through the many historians in the group.

He is still looking for the elusive Bona Bornia in Scotland, birthplace of Charles McKinnis(s) his first U.S. forefather.