Rachel Benefield Pfaff Biography

Clan Piper/Clan Chaplain: Rachel Benefield Pfaff
Rev. Rachel Benefield M.Div, M.Phil. has been an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church for the last twenty years   Upon graduating from Duke Divinity School, Duke University, she served as associate pastor of Central Hall Methodist Church in Edinburgh, Scotland.  After one year she returned to Mississippi where she has served as pastor of several local United Methodist Churches and as Director of the Wesley Foundation at the University of Southern Mississippi, which is her Alma Mater.  In March of 1995 surrounded by a wealth of witnesses (including McInnis’ in kilts) Rachel was escorted by her father, the late Dr. Tom E. Benefield, to the altar in the backyard of her family home to marry Scott Pfaff.  She was piped in by Bill Muzzy a long time friend who composed her wedding march, “Rachel’s Wedding”.  A year later Scott and Rachel moved to Scotland to pursue postgraduate degrees at the University of Edinburgh.  They now live in Gulfport, Mississippi with their two children, Thomas age eleven and Ellie age eight. 

Rachel was the first piper of Clan Mac Innes and also the first female Chaplain to the Clan.  She fell in love with the bagpipes after attending the Grandfather Mountain Games in the early ‘70’s.  She later began bagpipe lessons at age twelve and attended the North American Academy of Piping in North Carolina from 1976 to 1982.  While living in Edinburgh she continued her study of the bagpipes with a private tutor and at the Piping Center in Glasgow.  She has loved being a part of the Clan MacInnes and enjoyed tagging along on a few MacInnes road trips on West Coast of Scotland and Nova Scotia.  Rachel continues to play the bagpipes for pay and pleasure. 

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