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The Clan Archive was founded in 2002.

The original idea for a physical archive originated with one of the eight Clan Association founders, Mary A. Faulk.  In 2002 the Clan’s Board of Directors created the position of Director - Arts and Letters, with one of the primary duties to initiate and grow a living, breathing archive.    Donna Copen McKinnis was elected to this position and has maintained the Archive since its inception.

The Archive currently contains 358 items relating to Clan MacInnes, Scotland, and Celtic culture; 352 items are housed in the USA and 6 in Scotland. 
The Archive’s collection includes:


Contributions are welcome and tax-deductible!

Any item donated is preserved archivally and stored securely.
The Clan plans to house the Archive in a future Clan MacInnes Centre.


(through June 30, 2012)


TOTAL DONATIONS:                   358

2012 donations:                                  15
2011 donations:                                  151
2010 donations:                                  24
2009 donations:                                  40
2008 donations:                                  40
2007 donations:                                  13
2006 donations:                                    7
2005 donations:                                  32
2004 donations:                                  16
2003 donations:                                  14
Scotland donations:                             6


Donations Housed in Scotland (at donors’ request):

  1. Leather-bound Pocket Bible, printed in 1824, belonged to Andrew McInnes of Glasgow, who sailed for Granada in 1825.  Donated by Roy Sharp of Hampshire, England in 2002 or 2003.

  2. MacInnes Sealing Wax Insignia Ring, 19th century, with thistle and bee symbol.  Donated by Colin Ironside of Montrose, Scotland in 2004.

  3. Wooden-backed Bible, previously owned by Rene MacInnes, former Archbishop of Jerusalem.  Donated by Colin McInnes in 2009.
  4. Three sets of military service medals representing three generations of the same family, Rare that medal collection of three generations remain intact. All 3 sets were donated by Colin McInnes in 2010.
    Set 1 awarded to Pte James McInnis (1867-1923, Six Dragoon Guards related to Boer War).
    Colin Medals new
  5. Set 2 awarded to James' son, Pte. H McInnes (1896-1946) ASC relating to WW1 (1914-1918).
  6. Set 3 awarded to James' grandson, Sgt. W. J. McInnes (1921-1988) relating to WW2 (1939-1945).
    More Colin Medals