On windswept isles and by the lovely lochs of the Highlands, the ancient Gaelic-speaking people named MacInnes once made their homes. Scattered abroad for many years, the group has recently begun to renew ties with families and friends, raising the rallying cry:

"Again MacInnes!"             MacAonghais a-rithist!

Clan Salute
  From Islay, from Iona, and from Jura,
  From Kinlochaline, Mull, and Leitir Fura,
  From Canada, Queensland, and the Carolinas,
  Again, the ancient Clan MacInnes rises!
Ceud Mile Failte (a hundred thousand welcomes)
Welcome to the Clan MacInnes Web Site. At this site, we hope to provide some insight about your people, the ancient Clan of MacInnes, current activities of the Clan, and some interesting historical and genealogical information. Please browse our pages and enjoy!  And if you are impressed, join our Association . Sign up today!
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